college counselor, educational consultant, college counseling in chicago and north shoreNow that the first semester this academic year is either over or nearly over, it is time to start actively planning for next summer.   With so few summer vacations remaining until college, it is very important to use this block of time wisely.   Using summer vacation to play video games or watch Netflix for 8 solid weeks is not a good use of time and will not help to add to your college applications.   High school summers are a great time to invest in yourself and add to your skill set, ultimately making you a more enticing candidate when colleges review your applications.

Fortunately, there are endless opportunities available for designing rewarding summers during high school.  Some popular options include: getting a job; volunteer work; travel; internships  and pre-college summer programs either with or without college credit.   Of course, many high school students also go to summer school at their high school.  With the prohibitive cost of many summer programs, it is often ideal to combine a number of experiences and programs within a given summer.
In terms of cost, not every summer program is expensive. Some programs offer scholarships and there are travel volunteer programs that have very reasonable fees.   Participation in an organized teen program is not necessary to impress college admissions officers, however.  College admissions officers repeatedly report that they love to see applicants who have worked  during the summer because that demonstrates that such an applicant has experience with time management and responsibility to others.
Summer will be here sooner than you realize.   Plan it wisely.   Launch College Counseling can help you plan a productive and fun summer.    Please call 847-975-6778 or contact Launch College Counseling for more information.