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Cornell University & Ithaca College

I just returned from the spring break college road trip ritual. My reluctant travel companion was my 16- year old daughter who is quite frankly, tired of visiting colleges.   Despite her reluctance, she has terrific observations about schools and students and she allows me to truly see colleges through the eyes of a regular sixteen-year-old [...]

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Parent/Family Weekend Advice

For all of you parents whose high school seniors are busy completing their college applications, here is something to look forward to next year: Parent Weekend. Almost every college and university now has a Parent/Family Visiting Weekend usually in the fall of freshmen year. These weekends are often chock-full of activities for parents and can [...]

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DePauw University

Located in the tiny hamlet of Greencastle, Indiana, DePauw University is a liberal arts school worth driving out of your way to explore.   The campus is beautiful and the students all seem amazingly happy and proud of their school.  With just under 3,000 students, the campus facilities are incredible.  Highlights include: a state-of-the art [...]

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Northwestern University

Northwestern University uniquely combines a high quality education with the school spirit associated with big state universities.  In fact, as the only private school within the Big 10 conference, Northwestern students really get the best of both worlds: a private school education with a public school attitude about college sports.  Located in the town of [...]

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Tulane – Terrific Medium Sized School

Tulane is located in the vibrant Uptown part of New Orleans and across the street from Audubon Park and is fully integrated into the surrounding city.  The campus is beautiful mix of old and new buildings and a very manageable size. Tulane has a diverse undergraduate student body of 6600 who come from all over [...]

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Spring Break College Visits

With Spring break rapidly approaching, do not despair if you have not made plans for your student's week off of school.   For high school juniors, this is the best time to visit colleges.   Whether you have only 1 or 2 days or the whole week, it is great to devote this time to [...]

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Washington & Lee – Historic Gem

Washington and Lee University, located in Lexington, Virginia, is surrounded  by the Blue Ridge and Alleghenies of the Southern Appalachians.  The locals like to call it  "God's Country" because of the sheer beauty of the surroundings.   They could also be referring to the pedigree of its two namesakes -- George Washington, whose 20,000$ endowment saved [...]

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 Whenever I drive up to the twin cities to drop my son off at college at Macalester, I am reminded about what a wonderful place Minneapolis - St Paul is to go to college. It is no wonder there are so many colleges there. First, a word about the twin cities as a college town. [...]

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Lewis & Clark College – Laid Back and Friendly

Situated in a suburban oasis within the city limits of Portland, Oregon is Lewis & Clark, a small liberal arts college with about 2,000 undergraduates, as well as several graduate programs.  Surrounded by a state park, the campus is beautiful. The school has a free shuttle that drops students off in the center of downtown [...]

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Outdoorsy Whitman College

  Whitman's Administration Building Greetings from Portland, Oregon.  I am here with my high school senior visiting three small liberal arts colleges.  The first school on our tour was Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.  Whitman is a terrific school for the outdoor enthusiast.  The students seemed uniformly happy and friendly. The word [...]

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